Imotski Krajina Tourism Development Strategy presented

first_imgSide dish: IMOTSKA KRAJINA TOURISM DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN This strategy will serve as the basic regulatory framework for coordinating and managing the activities of various economic entities, public sector institutions and all other stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the development and raising the quality of the overall tourism product in this area by 2025. In this sense, taking into account not only the need for enhanced commercialization of available natural heritage, while ensuring its long-term sustainable use, but also permanent preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, optimal use of available development space and strengthening the potential of this area for sustainable and green development. tourism, the most important goal of this document is certainly to continuously increase the level of well-being and quality of life of all residents of Imotski Krajina. Thus, the tourism workers of Imotski Krajina made two important decisions and received two important documents as the first prerequisites for strategic development, at least on paper, and now it is up to tourism workers and destinations to follow the direction defined and implement everything in the next six years. . Photo: TZ Imota The financing of the Strategy was in the ratio of 40% by the CNTB, 40% by the Ministry of Tourism, and 20% by the foreign Tourist Board of Imotski. Of course this is only the first step and a lot of work is needed, in fact the real work is just beginning and will never end because branding a tourist destination and development is a process that always lasts and never ends. But the most important thing is to know who we are, what we want and where we want to get, and that is exactly defined by the strategy. “The Imotski region is a historical and geographical fact, a geographical fact, which is fragmented and divided through various historical bureaucratic and administrative decrees. This project of formal connection and association of the city of Imotski and municipalities from the area of ​​Imotski Krajina, seeks to bridge these administrative boundaries, in order to facilitate the achievement of goals in the tourism sector”Said Luka Kolovrat, director of TZO Imota during the merger. According to the e-visitor system, in 2018 Imotska Krajina recorded 9.917 arrivals with 73.830 overnight stays. This is an increase of 22,6% in arrivals, or 27% in overnight stays compared to 2017 when we had 8.089 arrivals and 57.950 overnight stays. Most arrivals and overnight stays were realized in Imotski (4.497 arrivals and 22.946 overnight stays), followed by the municipalities of Podbablje (1.924 arrivals and 18.852 overnight stays), Zagvozd (1.255 – 10.294), Proložac (726 – 7.236), Zmijavci (752 – 6.992), Cista Provo (364 – 3.484), Lovreć (166 – 1.778), Runovići (143 – 1.326) and Lokvičići (72 – 922). ESTATE KRAJINA TOURIST BOARD ESTABLISHED – IMOTA Attached is the Imotski Krajina Tourism Development Action Plan, which you study well, and the entire document of the Imotski Krajina Tourism Development Strategy until 2025 will be published soon. The highest number of overnight stays was recorded by guests from Germany (27.045), followed by Poland (10.534), the United Kingdom (5.073), Croatia (4.324), France (3.858), the Netherlands (2.825), Denmark (2.785), Belgium (2.313), etc. In 2018, the largest growth was achieved from the UK and France A year ago, there was a merger and synergy of tourist destinations into one brand – the tourist community of Imotski Krajina – Imota, and yesterday in Imotski was presented the Tourism Development Strategy of Imotski Krajina until 2025, the implementation of which should provide important prerequisites for better tourism. the entire area of ​​Imotski Krajina with increasing segments of tourist demand. Key objectives will thus include the establishment of a shared vision, goals and concept of tourism development; creating a well-designed, market-recognizable, diversified, but also mutually complementary system of tourist experiences; recognition of a certain number of priority development-investment and / or business-management projects within the competence of both the private and public sectors, ie through; market (re) positioning of the entire project area on the tourism market in the function of strengthening its market recognition and desirability. DALMATIAN ZAGORA PRESENTED ITS TOURIST OFFER TO THE ASSOCIATION OF TOURIST GUIDES IN CHINESE Compared to 2017, the largest increase in arrivals and overnight stays was recorded by guests from the UK (141% growth) and France (112% growth). The development of the Tourism Development Strategy of the Imotski Region is the first major project carried out by the Imotski Tourist Board after it was established in the middle of last year as the largest tourist area in Croatia. The development of the Strategy has been entrusted to the Institute for Tourism, and today the Imota Tourist Board has been included in the small list of local tourist boards that have such a document, Kolovrat points out and adds: “The strategy objectively defined our current shortcomings, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, and the action plan is especially important, which envisages more than thirty projects that should be realized by local self-government units, Imotski Tourist Board, but also private entrepreneurs. With such strategic and long-term thinking and acting in the coming period, we want to avoid improvisations and mistakes and even better position our tourist destination and achieve safe and stable growth.”Concludes Kolovrat. 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