Colombian Army Helps Keep French Hospital Running

first_imgBy Dialogo April 01, 2010 A variety of nongovernmental organizations in Haiti are working together with military personnel from a number of countries. A good example is the Aimer Haiti hospital, organized by a French NGO of the same name but administered since the earthquake by the Colombian Army. In the days following the tragedy, the hospital cared for victims with broken bones and wounds. “Now we’re seeing a lot of public-health cases, such as illnesses caused by lack of hygiene and pulmonary illnesses. It all involves environmental management, due to the contamination and the lack of potable water,” explained Sgt. José Ernesto Cubillas, a Colombian Army medic working at Aimer Haiti. After the earthquake, the Colombian military doctors provided care to hundreds of people every day — a substantial increase from the 50 patients seen daily before the disaster. “We’re working with the U.S. government and with the Southern Command,” the sergeant explained. “It’s all very moving. We Colombians are very glad to be able to help the Haitian people,” he concluded.last_img

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