Outdoor Updates: West Virginia is one of the least green states + Offensively Named River Renamed

first_imgWalletHub releases its annual list of the greenest states An offensively named Georgia creek has been renamed Freedom Creek A small creek on Skidaway Island near Savannah, GA has a new name. The formerly named Runaway Negro Creek is now called Freedom Creek after the US Board on Geographic Names officially voted to change the name at a meeting last week. Last year, Senator Lester Jackson sponsored a resolution to change the name of the creek and Georgia lawmakers approved, but the change wasn’t official until the US Board on Geographic Names signed off. The original name of the creek dates back to at least the Civil War. It’s believed that the creek got its name because slaves at a nearby plantation would swim across the creek to free islands controlled by Union troops. Future additions of all federal maps will now list the creek by its new name.center_img The personal-finance website WalletHub has released it’s 2019 report on the Greenest States. The website compared all 50 states in 27 key metrics such as air, water, and soil quality, green building, consumption of renewable energy, recycling and others. The analysis found that the greenest state in the country is Vermont, followed by New York, Oregon, Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, California, Rhode Island, South Dakota and New Hampshire. The least green states include Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kentucky, West Virginia and Louisiana, which ranked as the least green state in America. The analysis also found that Blue States are greener, with an average rank of 12.85/50 compared with Red States, which average 33.93/50. Click here to view the full report. last_img

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