Enabling platform to achieve large scale nternet Entrepreneurship

Internet entrepreneurs for the moment to bring a very good platform, in the face of opportunities, but also to understand the challenges and competition, the advent of the Internet era is an era of opportunities and challenges. As an Internet joint venture platform, Galaxy Internet reputation in the Internet business circle, but in the Internet outside is not known, especially in the eyes of the public, this is just an ordinary Internet Co.

"create + joint venture" play

and traditional Internet group each create a project by a department, a group of employees to perform different Galaxy interconnection each create a project on the establishment of a company, the initial capital injection start first, at the same time for the entire Internet industry preferably with the project matching first-class entrepreneurial team, and most of the company shares for free transfer to the management, make management become entrepreneurs, become a boss, become the actual controller of the company.

the Internet Galaxy this process is called "create", the core is to create first-class projects and first-class team, the galaxy has more than 200 thousand Internet Internet elite database and Internet platform, can effectively put the first-class project and first-class team match up.


of the Internet as a joint venture platform, in addition to their co founded the project, put the whole galaxy Internet platform "co-founder" role to recommend more open

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