The province’s medical insurance fund audit

to promote the health insurance policy landing, deepen the reform of the medical insurance system, strengthen the health insurance fund management, better protection and improve people’s livelihood, recently, the province’s audit department to carry out the province’s medical insurance fund audit.

reporter learned from the provincial audit office, the audit object for the provincial level and the city of Xining (including four districts and three counties) and the relevant departments of medical insurance, collection agencies. The relevant fixed-point medical institutions, designated pharmacies and related units to carry out extended checks. The scope of the audit includes the basic medical insurance fund for urban workers, the basic medical insurance fund for urban and rural residents and the urban and rural serious illness insurance fund. Audit time span for the full year 2015 and the first half of 2016, major issues will do the necessary extension and retrospective. The main contents of the audit include the operation and effectiveness of the medical insurance fund system, the implementation of the medical insurance policy system, the reform of the medical insurance reform measures, the use of fund management and so on.


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