Xining invested two hundred million yuan in the implementation of the rural education project

to carry out remediation demonstration contiguous rural environment as an opportunity, in recent years, Xining continued to increase funds supporting efforts, a total investment of 222 million yuan to implement the clean water, clean the house round, clean garden, clean energy "Siqing" project. The "Siqing" project has covered 225 villages, benefiting 28 thousand households, 116 thousand people, rural living environment has been improved effectively.

Xining city through the protection of drinking water sources in rural areas, in Datong, Huangzhong and other counties to carry out a typical Township drinking water source water quality monitoring to ensure the safety of drinking water sources in rural areas. Through the regulation of contiguous village garbage and sewage, the implementation of clean home round project. At present, the city’s 14 District 94 villages set up operation mode of rural living garbage collection, transportation, county, village households, living garbage treatment rate reached 100%, garbage harmless treatment rate reached more than 80%. Through the implementation of harmless Rural Livestock and poultry breeding, the implementation of clean pastoral project. Efforts to develop "aquaculture – biogas – planting" recycling agriculture mode, the livestock and poultry manure and biogas slurry as fertilizer field, livestock and poultry farms do waste harmless treatment and resource utilization. Through the promotion of "a pool of three changes" project, the implementation of "clean energy" project. In the 17 project villages to promote "a pool of three changes" is to build biogas digesters, ring, lavatories, changing kitchen and new energy technology, built household livestock waste collection system 2471, the use of human and animal manure to produce biogas as the fuel needed for the kitchen, the annual processing of livestock manure 6314.5 tons, saving 2 of coal. Tons, ecological benefits and economic benefits are obvious. (author: Zhang Haihu)

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