Xining continuously improve the level of local public diplomacy

Xining city conscientiously implement the party and the country’s foreign policy, the public diplomacy as a focal point breakthrough in innovation of foreign affairs and the Xining show "soft power", and actively promote the quality of local public diplomacy, making the "China xiadou Xining" international image has been further improved, for the positive role of overall national service foreign and local economic development services from.

since the beginning of 2010, the city of Xining to expand opening up, carry out international friendly exchanges, strengthen cooperation with countries between the local government and the folk of the pragmatic cooperation and promote the development of export-oriented economy "for the purpose, to introduce international technology and intelligence, international economic cooperation, international friendship city exchange as the theme, held three consecutive session" xiadou International Forum, invited to nearly 20 countries embassy officials and foreign local government officials, experts and scholars and non-governmental friendship are a total of more than and 270 participants, nearly 40 Chinese and foreign representatives published papers and reports on the forum, CO signed the international friendship city concluded, the introduction of foreign intelligence and science and technology, the introduction of international the tourist train, students selected, students exchange, training of cadres, environmental protection, new energy and other 21 projects; to carry out international youth exchange, has set Made 5 batches to root Japan Tochigi Ze CHO and Utah County Middle School American homestay exchange activities at home and abroad, a total of 200 students participated in the friendship and understanding of the exchange activities; has a 12 international friendly city, organized the economic and cultural exchange, "Cultural Week", "China Nepal Friendship Week" and other activities, invited to perform the delegation of Singapore, India and other countries to Xining to carry out cultural exchange activities with non-governmental exchanges and cultural exchanges form concept, promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning, enhance the international influence of Xining; has invited 13 foreign experts to Xining to carry out technical guidance and services provided by foreign resources; "service, hundreds of companies" service activities for 63 foreign enterprises in the Xining region, and condolences to the foreign experts and staff working in Xining service.

through years of efforts, Xining city with all kinds of festival activities and with the international friends of the city, friendly groups, friendly people exchange opportunity, carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation in the international economic and trade, science and technology, culture and other aspects, fully integrated into the elements of public diplomacy in international exchanges, promote Xining city’s international friendly exchanges and local public diplomacy activities carried out smoothly, the reform and opening up export-oriented economy in Xining City, showing a good momentum of development, unity, fraternity, harmonious development, inclusive of the integrity of the spirit of the city to further promote and deepen the foreign public understanding of Xining, increase consensus, enhance friendship and strengthen cooperation. In Xining, publicity and propaganda propaganda Chinese, Qinghai, Xining city’s international image has been further improved. (author: Han Yihua)

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