Qinghai characteristics of the classification of medical treatment system to allow high quality medi

recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Health Planning Commission, the province will establish a network format of Medical Union this year, carried out to explore the three public hospitals to cancel the holiday out-patient pilot in the Xining area, to guide patients first diagnosed at the grassroots level, and increase of grassroots health institutions and personnel training efforts, consolidate and improve the diagnosis and classification system with Qinghai characteristics the.

in our province will further improve the Provincial Medical Association to the provincial people’s Hospital as the core of the regional medical consortium in Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University as the core of the National Medical Association in Tibet hospital as the core; the end of June, women and children hospital and Qinghai Red Cross Hospital will lead to the formation of the two disciplines of Pediatrics and obstetrics the joint body; at the end of September, will form the local compact medical conjoined; at the end of December, will realize the integrated management of the province’s counties and villages full coverage.

this year, will be carried out in Xining area to carry out three public hospitals to cancel the holiday clinic pilot work, to guide patients at the grassroots first diagnosis. Gradually reduce the level of ordinary outpatient hospital three, the full implementation of appointment service. Strengthen the special disease specialist clinic construction, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases, strengthen the emergency service, hospital treatment capacity setting and adapt to the stay beds, gradually increase the booking referral service number source, and tilted to the grassroots medical and health institutions, accelerating the three hospitals expert resources effectively sinking.

increase of grassroots health institutions and personnel training efforts, will continue to implement the 300 specialist of the GP free order directed the project this year, to further implement the free directional order according to the contract for graduates. The implementation of rural doctors free order directed the project for implementation of the village health room for three years in higher vocational training project of rural doctors orders directed free years, enrollment will reach 400 people; continue to do 50 doctors of general practitioner training, start the implementation of 130 "5+3" and "3+2" general practitioner assistant general the doctor standardized training.


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