West District for leading cadres to fight epidemic prevention needle

"With copper as a mirror, you can dress up from gains and losses……" In March 19th, the west area with negative examples for reference, in Xichuan prison erected a "mirror", more than 40 leading cadres in the "mirror" in front of the mirror, dress up, let your mind wash bath, cure".

"for luxurious life yearning and pursuit. I will hand the project payment, it had played a corrupt life. I have embezzlement, bribery, embezzlement of public funds 1 million 120 thousand yuan, in exchange for the loss of freedom in prison for the past 14 years." Henan County Bureau has been a leading cadres, said he regretted. "It is me who makes me who I am. I hope you take me as a negative example, to curb ill-gotten gains greed, act worthy of the party and the people of people"…… Two because of his crimes to prison staff who, a Tongche bone heart confession, watch the depths of the soul, for the study of Party members and cadres an injection of sober agent". Subsequently, the West procuratorate for everyone on a "clean character and adhere to the" honest education, so that everyone is aware of the crime of personal career, family, career, social damage.

it is reported that the independent warning education and revolutionary tradition education last carried out positive and negative contrast formation. The two sides in the western education so that the majority of Party members and cadres in the party aim not forggestting, diligent and honest, do good cadre of the party and the people’s public servant.

it is understood, as do the party’s mass line educational practice, the west area of increasing education in the party’s leading cadres, has launched the revolutionary tradition education, "thanks to the people as a teacher and independent warning education and a series of learning activities, let the western leading cadres to realize whenever you can put the people put yourself in my heart, for the sake of the people, the masses are thinking, anxious masses, pragmatic, conscientious, for the benefit of the people.  

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