245 graduates feel the employment road

in order to make college graduates more aware of social needs what kind of talent, let the employer stand in the social position and puts forward some suggestions and requirements for college students, make them into society as soon as possible, in July 16th and July 18th, the labor employment service bureau of Chengbei district were organized 245 Qinghai University graduates to the Biotechnology Industrial Park for field visits, for college graduates they feel the way of employment.

it is understood that the site visit, is north of the city zone for the first time as a "tailored" to promote the activities of college students employment, mainly in order to help students to broaden their horizons and have a perceptual knowledge of employment, employment for university students to give advice and suggestions, so that they step out of school as soon as possible to identify the location, to achieve employment. To participate in the field visit Qinghai University graduates Zhang said: the field visit, let me have a new understanding of the employment situation in the specific practice, which also how I have accumulated experience in employment." (intern reporter correspondent Ding Dongmei)


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