Enterprise financing difficult to have your prescription

Currently, small and micro enterprises financing difficulties, financing your problem is still more prominent, but corporate financing difficulties, financing expensive there are many factors. However, with the recent Province on efforts to ease the financing difficulties, financing expensive problem of "opinions" of the introduction, through innovation, financial services and credit policy adjustment mode structure and vigorously promote direct financing of enterprises, enterprises in the future financing difficult, expensive financing problems will be effectively alleviated.

"opinions" clearly at the same time, the banking financial institutions should resolutely cancel all unreasonable fees, directly linked to the loan, there is no substantive services fees, will be canceled, is disguised to raise interest rates increase the burden on enterprises behavior. All regions and relevant departments should give full play to the market allocation of resources and the role of government co-ordination, and guide financial institutions to further increase the real economy and small and micro enterprises and other weak areas of support.  

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