Central media coverage of China’s health care reform

May 22nd – 23, by the general office of the Ministry of health, medical reform office organization Guangming Daily, economic daily, health news, Xinhua news agency, Chinese health pictorial, people’s daily, the Central People’s broadcasting station, CCTV and other 8 central media journalists came to Xining, the main city I practice medicine and health system reform effective reform, comprehensive reform of the county public hospital, basic medical and health institutions and grassroots drug system, people get benefits in a thorough interview.
in the field interviews, the journalists think the city basic medical and health institutions of public welfare management system and operation mechanism has basically established the basic medical work in grassroots medical institutions and basic public health services to work effectively, basic public health and basic medical service ability to significantly enhance the quality of medical staff, improve the grassroots public. Health and basic medical and health services to meet the basic. Promote the reform of the personnel system, the establishment of a competitive employment mechanism, incentive allocation mechanism, standardized drug procurement mechanism, long-term compensation mechanism. To achieve zero rate sales of basic drugs of township hospitals and village clinics and community health service center, break the "yaobu" mechanism, so that the masses of basic drugs to get better protection. Basic medical and health institutions information construction, so that urban and rural residents health files live up. Members of the delegation that the city has taken a lot of useful attempts and exploration in the health care reform, its practice and experience to promote the city’s health care reform has a strong reference and promotion significance.

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