How to bring happiness to the citizens of the city

hot and happy to become the official goal of government officials around the government has an absolute obligation to improve people’s sense of well-being – three carriages together to build a happy city

City rulers were generally high hopes, through a survey of more than and 200 respondents, nearly 10000 City, "comparatively well-off" magazine is trying to find happiness in Chinese large, middle and small city in the "password".

in the process of building a happy city, who played the most important role? "Well-off" comprehensive national survey found that the majority of respondents to the well-being of the first person responsible for the label affixed to the party secretary of the body, followed by the people, once again mayor.

where do you live, can you feel happy?"

if the problem is thrown to the Chinese people, how many people will be reflected from the mouth of a city like a name?

  in so many large and small city, if a person can select one or more, as an ideal living place in his mind, so the city should at least be able to give this person happiness. Million people in the present investigation Chinese, "happy city" is not only the concept of rulers and officials have learned by heart, it has become more and more people are pursuing the goal of life. So, when the country people face the problem of "well-off", no longer surprised to think only in the heart, "but now I’m living place, where can I go, but had a long list of city names: Beijing, Shanghai, not only in Guangzhou, Shenzhen four a first-tier cities, as well as Chengdu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Dali and so on the two or three line of the city — no matter how the city of GDP, can make people happy, want to have the sentiment and let the other city people envy. The hot spring has become the official goal of the local officials, experts and scholars have also designed a lot of indicators on the well-being of the city. But this time, "well-off" do not want to use rigid indicators for a city scoring, ranking, but please people say their true feelings of life in the city, looking for a happy city belongs to everyone. Where is your happy city?" In October 2013, the "well-off" magazine jointly with the Tsinghua University media research laboratory and Sina, and in conjunction with relevant experts and institutions in the country to carry out nearly 200 cities;

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