Actively carry out the thirty third day campaign

In order to consolidate and enhance the "establishment" results, the implementation of long-term management mechanism, the demolition site in July 28, 2012, my Bureau Nanshan Road City Xin City area deep sunshine king "construction projects, and actively carry out the thirty-third" Jian Wei day "campaign

to consolidate and enhance the "establishment" results, implement the long-term management mechanism in July 28, 2012, demolition of the site of our bureau in-depth City Road Nanshan "City Xin Sun King" construction projects, and actively carry out the thirty-third "Jian Wei day" campaign.

this "Jian Wei day" theme of the campaign to carry out legal publicity, increase law enforcement efforts to improve the quality of the demolition site health, consolidate < Jian Wei > results". The campaign staff, I Bureau to accept public consultation on issues related to housing demolition policy and new regulations of more than 70 people, more than 100 pieces of promotional materials, display the demolition site City publicity panels 2.

to further strengthen and standardize the city housing demolition and demolition site management behavior, to ensure safe and civilized, orderly operation, guarantee the smooth progress of construction projects, combined with "Jian Wei day" campaign, I Bureau in July 24, 2012 to the four District Construction Bureau and other units issued a "Xining City Housing Security and the housing authority on the thirty-third" the construction of national health city day activities of the notice ", and from July 24, 2012 to July 25th to focus on the city’s demolition site conducted a special inspection and rectification, on the part of the construction project is the demolition site construction garbage problem is not timely, Weidang facilities are not standardized, on-site rectification requirements, and from July 26, 2012 to July 27th the rectification of the rectification review, after reexamination results accord with the" establishment "requirements.


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