Kuang Chung Chung Yeung Festival visit condolences to the elderly to enhance the sense of responsibi

10 9 July Chongyang day, vice governor Kuang rushed to the north of the city of Xining City District, East Sea city to visit condolences to the elderly, visited the pension agency, to send greetings for the old people on behalf of the party and the government, the old people wish a happy holiday.

Kuang Yong and his entourage came to the north area of national welfare, the provincial Civil Affairs Department Haidong Welfare Institute to visit condolences to the old people live here, carefully asked the old people’s daily life, health, family life, the old man wishes a happy holiday. And a detailed understanding of the development of pension services, the Northern District of the National Welfare Institute of corporate culture and business model of the affirmative, hoping to further improve the quality of service, expand the scope of services. In Haidong Social Welfare Institute, Kuang Chung and the elderly, nursing care of the elderly cordial conversation, wish them good health and longevity.

Kuang Yong pointed out that, at present, our province has entered a period of rapid development of population aging, the relevant departments at all levels to further strengthen the aging work sense of responsibility and urgency, increased government investment in the same time, make full use of social forces, through public and private construction etc., accelerate the improvement of old-age service system, to meet the diversified elderly the pension needs. To carry out the work of the pension agency safety hazards investigation and rectification work, found problems in a timely manner to rectify, for the elderly to create a safe environment. And told the welfare of the staff, to continue to strengthen management, improve service, to create a more comfortable living environment, improve the quality of life of the elderly, really let old people and happy.


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