Employment Chorus

People’s life is not happy, the society is not harmonious, employment is an important consideration indicators. In recent years, with the increasing pressure of employment, I give the city the city to promote employment, development of the industry and enterprises, "three planning" concept of employment, to promote employment, a multi departments, districts and counties in the resonance spectrum on the employment of the chorus, the rising number of new urban employment, entrepreneurial atmosphere increasingly strong wonderful music.

into Shengyuan carpet production workshop, the reporter saw Ma Xiumei and his colleagues are doing the last step lying in a beautiful carpet finishing, Ma Xiumei is a farmer from Huangzhong County on the Xinzhuang, she and her husband go out to work. Ma Xiumei said, from the grip hoe to take pruning machine, she completed never adapt to handy change, now, more than 2000 yuan monthly income, work place near home, convenient to take care of the elderly and children, she is very satisfied to this kind of life. More than 400 workers in Shengyuan group, 260 workers from migrant workers, through labor training, they not only fully grasp the relevant skills and way of life also began to slowly changed.

to optimize the industrial structure, expand the employment space and channels, to foster the development of a large number of enterprises, increase employment opportunities, the industry, enterprises and employment of "three industries" as a whole, the city to achieve high quality employment plan text more people. From the seriously implement the national and provincial and municipal policies and measures to support small and micro enterprise development, to improve the service system, improve the supporting environment of enterprise development; from the face of the pressure of the economic downturn to steady growth, to vigorously implement the SME development projects, identified 500 families of small and micro enterprises focus on cultivating, helping a steady growth and the employment of specific measures, make the city industry employment situation is stable, small and micro enterprises to absorb the employment increased rapidly.

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