45 key projects in Xining PK

Recently, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Construction Committee and other departments jointly, by listening to the report, check the information, into the site, see the site, in order to carry out the city’s 45 key projects "than the scientific management, the quality of the project than the match; task match schedule; than the match cost control; very careful in reckoning. Than people, match the innovation of science and technology; than regulations, game production safety; than law-abiding, honest game" contest for acceptance, to ensure the completion of the key construction projects of high efficiency, high quality and high standard.

game, the project construction unit staff team, attack the storm tough schedule, the construction teams of competition into the segment, the week month summary comments, "system, incentives for the team to complete the task ahead of time, the unfinished project a careful analysis of the difficulty and focus of omissions. Xining Hua Sheng real estate development company set up a project assessment team, for each in the construction project schedule and project quality monthly in-depth tracking, and reward of the highest and lowest points in the rating form, to ensure that the match factory and the road of affordable housing (Qing Tang town) on the successful completion of the construction of Zhejiang; Sande Environment Construction Co. Ltd. of Huangyuan county sewage treatment plant project phase two, in accordance with the objectives and tasks of the competition, with the fastest speed to mobilize the construction team, the rational allocation of power construction, organization construction projects than the assault, 40 days ahead of the completion.

the infrastructure projects of comprehensive management of the Beichuan River in Xining City Huangshui Cci Capital Ltd construction, project estimates a total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan, the company through the optimization design, construction process control, save money 300 million yuan. In addition, the construction unit to carry out technical innovation, technical research, technical training and energy-saving emission reduction rationalization proposals and other activities to improve the quality of the project, to speed up the progress of the project. Among them, the forestry afforestation project in tuyere zone on broad-leaved trees using plastic mulch, rod envelope incision technique; to conifer foliage, weekly cleaning dust, spray irrigation times increased, achieved gratifying results in 97% the survival rate of afforestation. The Beichuan river regulation project introduced international advanced water treatment system, the use of low impact development technology will be all natural rainwater infiltration reduction, filtering city ground pollutant discharged into the river, the rain water and the municipal pipe network is greatly reduced, reducing the water carrying pollutants, clean water.  

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