n Xining where NPC and CPPCC feature beautiful Xining beauty

"Xining is beautiful, the trees are greener, the water is clear, the sky is bluer." Taxi driver Wu master driving in the city every day, from early morning to sunset, from the east to the west, many cities have been to the field, he said, the most beautiful place or Xining.

some people can not help but ask "beautiful Xining" where the United States? Beauty in the city green. For the construction of National Forest City, 2012, Nanshan green barrier of 27 thousand acres and 74 new rural village greening of Xining City, the completion of the forestry ecological construction of 263 thousand acres of new green garden, 40 hectares of green food, green island and other scenic areas Chaoyang theme park built, add greenery to Xining.

"I am in the Huangshui River morning for six or seven years, every day the first thing is to observe the change of water is more and more clear," the 70 year old ma uncle said, "beautiful Xining" beauty in the clear water. Last year, the core section of Beichuan River, Nanchuan River comprehensive management of the water into the city "project in Xining City, shutting down illegal mining washing battlefield 209, renovation of drainage pipeline 19 kilometers, sewage outfall 98, Xining water is more and more clear, refreshing.

of course, the change of the environment is only the first step to build "beautiful Xining". To education, employment, medical and old-age care, and housing, city enhance the happiness index at the same time, also let the connotation of "beautiful Xining" more abundant.

"beautiful Xining" to the fresh air, beautiful environment, traffic flow……" One of the buses showed his opinion.

"beautiful Xining" to elegant culture of the beauty of temperament……" A teacher who is engaged in education for many years.

‘beautiful Xining’ economic development is the foundation, this development must be sustainable, green development……" A businessman who has worked in Xining for many years.

"" beautiful Xining "to family harmony, social stability, people zunlaoaiyou, all ready to help others……" An old man in the community depicts the beauty of Xining in his heart.

around the city circle, you will find that everyone in the heart outline their own "beautiful Xining", and how to build the "beautiful Xining", how to achieve "Neixiu externalization and inheritance of beauty", it is worth everyone thinking. (author: Peng Na)

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