Xining north of the city for more than 3 years to complete the transformation of rural construction

this year, the strict implementation of the Northern District of Xining City Village assessment, the town (street), the Civil Affairs Bureau of the three levels of checks and approval of the public and the development of the law, the completion of the transformation of the rural areas of the task of the old 103 households in. Dilapidated building standards, construction quality, occupancy rate of 100%, respectively, so far, the city of Xining has been completed for more than 3 consecutive years, the transformation of rural construction tasks.

this year, the north of the city to the transformation of rural dilapidated project as a key project in 2012 to focus on private things. The area according to the relevant departments of the provincial, municipal and district arrangement and rebuilding work requirements, construction funds invested 2 million 60 thousand yuan, focusing on improving the region’s five households, households, severe disabilities, key special housing conditions, the average subsidy standard increased from 19 thousand and 200 yuan to 20 thousand yuan, set up "Chengbei District in 2012 rural people in danger renovation construction allocation scheme", the 100 households rebuilding for distribution. At the same time, at the end of August the new 3 ramshackle task. After the construction of tension, all of which have been adopted by the relevant provincial departments of acceptance, 103 have been completed.

in the old housing reform on the determination of households, through my application, the masses, the three list released, the organization of the household survey and verification, so that the sunshine project in the sun, and ultimately determine the transformation of dilapidated households 103. (author: Su Jianping Yan Qingqing)

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