Xining civilized table action opened the curtain

Hunger breeds discontentment, dinner ceremony first

hunger breeds discontentment, dinner ceremony first. Xining to create a national civilized city is the provincial Party committee and provincial government requirements, but also the municipal Party committee and government solemn commitment to the people of the city. August 17, 2012, Xining civilized table to create a mobilization meeting held in Xining. Four district health and food and Drug Administration in charge of the leadership of the county, the director of health supervision, the city food and drug inspection team and more than 100 food service units in charge of food safety administrators attended the meeting of the people’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China, the Ministry of health and food and Drug Administration of the people’s Republic of China, the Ministry of health and food and Drug Administration in charge of the three. Liu Huijun, director of the provincial food and Drug Administration food safety supervision department, the city hit the city office, municipal civilization office director Tao Pinxian attended the meeting. Municipal Food and Drug Administration for more than a week to mobilize the speech.


conference announced the Xining Municipal Food and drug administration to carry out the "civilization" on the table "in the food service industry activities to create a plan", made arrangements to carry out activities to create a civilized table for the food service industry. The purpose, objectives, tasks, contents, implementation steps, division of responsibilities and work requirements of the "civilized table" are defined. Catering service unit representatives read the "civilized table action proposal, the city initiative catering service units take positive action to join the civilized table action, the" civilized dining model shop (canteen) "and" civilized dining service star "to create activities.

Xining Municipal Food and drug supervision and management bureau party secretary, Secretary Zhou made a mobilization speech: "the table of civilization demonstration Street", "civilized demonstration table shop (canteen)" to create activities in east area of summer Avenue, Chengzhong District, Nanshan Road, victory road, Qilian Road West District Chengbei District 4 food service food safety "millions project construction demonstration street to rely on; in Qinghai dragon Shengge catering Co. Ltd., China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai branch company canteen, beef noodle king, back home, Xpu Ha Palace Hotel, the old imperial private Hot pot Datong County kindergarten center, metallurgical vocational school canteens, Rongsheng Ge Gan restaurants and other 100 catering service units as the basis, to further deepen the" civilization and fostering new activities, advocate green, frugal meal, civilized dining, carry out the civilized table model shop (dining room) "to create activities To enhance the awareness of civic civilization, and further promote the creation of the city’s national civilized city. Through the development of civilized table action, the selection of a group of activities, activity effect of catering enterprises significantly (canteen) as a "civilized dining model shop", "civilized demonstration canteen dining table", "civilized dining service star", play the leading role of the demonstration unit of radiation, to further enhance the level of catering service, the operating characteristics and cultural taste. He stressed that to carry out the civilized table action, one must unify their thinking, strengthen the civilized table activities to create a sense of responsibility and urgency; two to focus, and effectively increase the creation of "civilized dining" campaign efforts; three to implement the responsibility to promote the food service food safety demonstration the engineering construction activities; the four is to do solid work, and strive to create a new situation of catering service food safety supervision work.


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