Xining third high school debate competition ended

In December 28th, jointly organized by the Federation of Student Communist Youth League Xining Committee, the Education Bureau of Xining City, Xining City, Xining City, the third high school debate tournament in the finals, after more than three months of competition, with a fifth Xining Huangchuan was the last PK.

to enhance the overall strength of young people, in 2007, held in Xining, the first high school debate competition, since the school has set off a debate hot, this year’s debate is much attention. It is understood that the current debate since September this year, began to organize a total of 8 teams participating. In order to allow students to expand their knowledge through this debate, the 7 games involved in cultural construction, legal system, food safety and other aspects. In the finals, the two sides launched a competition advantages and disadvantages of the network hot beauty contest, won the championship final in a debate huangchuan. (author: Ma Rong)


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