West District of Xining city to investigate 18 illegal construction

this year, the city of Xining city to strengthen the illegal construction of the monitoring, focusing on strengthening the high incidence areas, key areas and easy to overlook the area of inspections. Up to now, according to the law to investigate and deal with illegal construction 18 onwards, the demolition area of 3215 square meters. The new area significantly reduce illegal construction, Sidaluanjian, grab build building violations have been effectively curbed.

in recent years, with the implementation of key projects in Xining, the transformation of the old city to accelerate the pace of illegal construction behavior has occurred, seriously affect the image of the city, increase the cost of government investment, restricting the development of urban construction. At the same time there are still great security risks, has become the focus of attention of the community and the masses and hot issues.

this year, the west area of the illegal one of outstanding issues identified as affecting the development of construction, set up by district government control, township regional monitoring, urban management and other departments cooperate the work mechanism and the District, town (Office), village (community) level three patrol monitoring network, take daily inspections of tablets the way, carpet investigation area, the establishment of illegal construction subsidiary ledger, one by one check to confirm.

addition, Chengxi district also combined to investigate illegal construction, increase the focus of pre construction projects within the scope of the illegal construction inspections, classified according to the size, location, influence, to develop a detailed work plan and demolition of all illegal construction according to law, issued a deadline for the removal of illegal construction decision, the emergence of new by persuasion to remove, minimize the loss of squatters, refuses to rectification resolutely dismantled. By improving the working mechanism, strengthen public opinion, increase efforts to investigate and deal with a variety of initiatives, a strong blow to the illegal construction.


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