Surrounding self help travel fire small economy

The tourist season, in addition to the major scenic spots in Qinghai, closer to the urban area around the town has become a local summer travel place. This is a group of a group of tourists in the forest, the grill, the tent had no selling items such as fire. According to the reporter survey, only sell barbecue, good business can be sold a month or so, about 40 months, has become the most popular outdoor shop in the summer.

Master Ren in Datong County, Jiefang Road operating a grocery store for several years. Beginning last year, with the change in the way people consume, he began to sell a baking oven. During the interview, the reporter saw the chef’s shop in different sizes, different types of barbecue neatly placed. Two or three customers in the inquiry after the barbecue, a one-time purchase of the two. According to the master of the introduction: in the past, barbecue basically not sold in these small grocery store, but in some large outdoor store to see. But since last year, people demand high, small grocery store also began to enter some of the barbecue, but the business is very good, this year in June, July, the store almost every day to sell 3, barbecue into the months of selling goods."

into the mountains feel the nature of travel bags, tent is unavoidable. In recent years, the Green Fair, Tibetan carpet Festival, clean food exhibition and other large-scale exhibition, tents, always occupy part of the exhibition location, but also to buy a lot of customers. According to the reporter, according to the size of the tent, material, function, the price of the tent is also different. There are ordinary 4-6 tent, the price of 100 yuan to about $6, more than 10 people below the price of about $500, while the material waterproof, sunscreen, thicker tents on the 1000 yuan or more. An outdoor store manager told reporters that every summer, the highest sales tent, the customer is mainly based on local people.

Accessories: puerile hat scarf

a hat is 10 yuan to 30 yuan, a scarf around 30 yuan, a 50 yuan to 100 yuan ordinary glasses…… These seemingly inexpensive jewelry, but also hot summer goods. Since the Qinghai summer strong ultraviolet rays, tourists go out, hat, scarf, glasses are essential equipment. The reporter found that in the area around, as long as a few top hat shapes, a number of rich color scarf, a row of cheap glasses, the booth will be able to earn money. The day before, the reporter saw in the Kanbula scenic entrance area, arranging six stalls selling hats, scarf. It is understood that the area near the top, a common cap for the price of 10 yuan to 50 yuan, a scarf is 30 yuan, the price does not seem high commodity, but a lot of people to buy. According to a stall introduction, these commodities are small profits and quick turnover, down to earn about 2000 yuan a month."  

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