Zoucunchuanhu talk about policy observe the people from door to door


  – preach the central document working group of the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics work from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics about the Central Document No. 1 working group in the village since, in strict accordance with the overall municipal government "four combination", in order to really put the central and provincial and municipal policies benefiting the agriculture to thousands of households, with the rural reality, designed a peasant family income, migrant labor, land, planting structure, animal husbandry, home appliances to the countryside consumption situation and farmer consumption and other contents of the questionnaire, the use of a week, divided into two groups, the peaceful village of Huangyuan County, long and 79 families in the village a thorough "zoucunchuanhu talk about policy, observe the people from door to door", listened to the voice of the people, understand people, collect public opinion. During the visit, the working group staff always adhere to the facts, do solid work, not as a mere formality, not a mere formality, not his show, do go to the fields, the masses and the masses "Kang family, sit, squat wall" communication, and people eat, live and work together homely. The working group members to every one, all business, open up and talk about farmer friend exchange. Explain in detail the spirit of the central and provincial documents 1, combined with the actual situation of farmers, the provincial and municipal policy of benefiting farmers and farmers were promoted. A detailed understanding of the contents of the questionnaire and how to increase income, and quickly embarked on the road to prosperity. Through the investigation and research, the working group received a total of 22 farmers to increase the income of the opinions and suggestions of the article, which involves the fattening cattle and sheep breeding technology of the 10, the development of agricultural cultivation of the characteristics of the 7, the transformation of dilapidated buildings of the 5. It can be seen that each opinion, suggestions are full of confidence in the farmers to get rich, are full of expectations of the party’s preferential policies.  


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