Xining in my eyes

Municipal Committee of the thirteen session of the once again sounded the clarion call for the development of Xining.

meeting, party secretary Wang Xiao pointed out: our eyes and mind work in time to the masses, adhere to the people as their loved ones and rely on, adhere to the starting point and goal of people’s thoughts, hope, as required to work, adhere to the masses is difficult, big, urgent thing to do that, "in reality, in the forefront of the spirit, do not live up to the expectations of the provincial government of Xining, resolutely quickly and effectively implement the party secretary Luo Huining proposed Xining should make contributions in" development, reform goes before, the stability of support "important requirements.

months, the city of all regions and all departments and units adhere to the masses as we rely on and loved ones, with the hearts of the masses, the eyes of masses, the masses work, resolutely quickly and effectively implement the Party committee spirit. In the "dry in reality, walking in the forefront of the guidelines" spirit, indomitable will, but myself, a catch in the end of the fire, around three three real strict, around the "development, reform and stability", "strong around Xining, the service of the province, around the" accurate and effective to help the poor, around "10 for people", "people around a city, around the" grasping industry, steady growth, around the "slow blocking Paul Chang, around to build the inner network," around "the comprehensive improvement of the environment," around "13th Five-Year planning, city planning"…… Do a lot of hoof urgent and steady step, the broad masses of cadres applauded the work.

recently, many cadres, including some leading cadres on the evening news reporter said: "the search for a few months, strong sense of urgency is pressure, is also very hard, but the mood is happy, the reason is through our hard work, Xining has undergone new changes, people are also satisfied by. Recognition of the masses is our greatest reward. Your evening news October 8th "only 84 days", also to develop a good attitude in the call, strengthen learning ability, ability of thinking, creativity, action, willpower, do a good job, let the people have more of a better life to gain a sense of happiness? To tell the truth, we are now full of entrepreneurial desire. For the development of Xining, people’s happiness, we want to throw off a big arm."

interview, the community, including a number of veteran cadres have been concerned about the development of Xining, Xining is also very happy to change the future and full of vision. They said: "Xining is one of the most suitable living area of Qinghai, we love Xining, by watching the evening news, through experience, see Xining more energetic, more vibrant, change in Xining we see in the eyes, joy in the heart. More valuable is that we also see the work style of cadres at all levels in Xining is also changing, more amiable, more efficient, and this is also very important ah……"

evening news search nineteenth times of departure, we would like to invite our cadres and masses of the community, to talk about my eyes "Xining", "Xining in my eyes, my eyes" change "Xining development", in my eyes…… ;

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