This year to increase the proportion of money to change the canopy change

in accordance with the requirements of the country this year, the province will be the currency resettlement compensation as the main way of shantytowns." April 30th, the reporter learned from the provincial housing and urban construction department, this year, the province will increase the proportion of shantytowns monetary resettlement compensation, accelerate the settlement of the settlement at the same time, will effectively digest the stock of commercial housing.

in accordance with national requirements, our province will take monetary compensation mode as the main mode this year shantytowns, increase the monetary settlement in Xining City, East Sea city efforts, according to the shantytowns planning and the stock of commercial housing supply will be the right size, apartment layout commodity housing stock into the resettlement housing, by the the government set up a platform to raise housing through market development, corporate profits, shantytowns independent purchase, improve the proportion of monetary settlement, speeding up to solve the housing problem of rehousing residents of shantytowns, accelerate the digestion of the stock of housing. Expected this year, the province can be digested by way of commercial housing area of more than 6% of commercial housing.


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