Qinghai import and export 11 billion 990 million yuan

Recently, the reporter learned from Xining customs, Xining customs since last year, the full support of Qinghai’s open economy stable growth and continued development, in 2015, import and export of 11 billion 990 million yuan, an increase of 13.6%.

to ensure accurate landing reform. Actively implement the Silk Road Economic Zone Customs clearance integration reform, first try to make a breakthrough, and successfully achieve interoperability with the national customs. Enterprises in the province can apply for import and export customs clearance, customs clearance speed, speed up the logistics, enterprise customs clearance costs decreased effectively. Active coordination inspection and quarantine departments officially opened a unified version of a declaration system, and actively promote the supervision of the practice of a check, a release work. Continue to deepen the paperless customs clearance reform, in 2015, the province paperless agreement signed 124 companies, in addition to the international exhibition of Qinghai Tibetan carpet customs paperless rate of up to 96%, the tax paid to achieve the electronic payment of 100%. Open platform to make new breakthroughs. November 2015, Cao Bao bonded logistics center (B) was formally approved to fill the province without Customs bonded supervision of the blank. Strong support for Xining Airlines port hardware and software construction, Qinghai entry and exit of international flights to provide a strong guarantee for smooth customs clearance. 2015 Xining customs supervision of inbound and outbound flights 299 sorties, passengers (including crew) of 31398 passengers. Continue to service of Tibetan carpet exhibition, clean food exhibition in Qinghai International Exhibition of all kinds, actively coordinating the customs of Lhasa opened a new mode in customs clearance, once again to apply national tax preferential policies for 77 exhibitors from 4 countries participating in the examination and approval procedures for tax relief, tax relief 420 thousand yuan, effectively reducing the cost of participating enterprises. Help enterprises reduce burden. Focus on the integration of the administrative examination and approval, implementation of administrative examination and approval, "one window" to receive in the business scene, fully implement Shouwenfuze "one-time inform" service system, comprehensive analysis and optimization of the internal examination and approval matters, the implementation of inventory management, simplify procedures, reduce the level of. Under the unified deployment of the General Administration of customs, the cancellation of import and export links related charges, reducing the cost of business. 2015, the province’s import and export enterprises in more than 500 million yuan an increase of 125%. At the same time, according to the law to support the enterprise with the foot, with live, make good use of national tax incentives, increase tax relief policy enforcement. 2015 tax relief for the province 35 million 580 thousand yuan.


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