The city held a strong agricultural and agricultural benefits of funds to check the special topic

2010 in the afternoon of September 15th, Fan Guoqing, vice mayor of the municipal government organized the city’s special funds of benefiting the Agriculture inspection work, the Municipal Finance Bureau, development and Reform Commission, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, forestry bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, audit bureau, Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, north of the City District Supervisor District Magistrate and responsible people attended the meeting. The meeting was mainly based on the previous audit department of the provincial audit department, the Provincial Department of education, the provincial population and family planning commission composed of inspection teams feedback, arrangements for the deployment of the city’s agricultural and agricultural funds to implement the rectification work.

by the first meeting of the Secretary General Wu meason informed the September 13th provincial inspection group feedback about the situation. After the Municipal Finance Bureau deputy director Li Quande will funds in recent years for our city and agriculture funds exist in the management in the use of the issue of the bulletin, pointed out that in recent years, governments at all levels and departments of agriculture related special funds for the effect is very obvious, 2007-2009, is get to the central and provincial finance special funds for supporting agriculture in 2010 1 billion 249 million 44 thousand and 600 yuan, as of the end of August has been to 548 million 49 thousand and 600 yuan, the investment in these funds, effectively alleviate the shortage of the expenditure of our city has played an important role in supporting the development of rural economy, agricultural infrastructure construction and new rural construction. But there are also some problems that can not be ignored in the use of management, mainly is the slow pace of implementation, spending slow progress, project implementation and project capital expenditure is arbitrary, long reporting projects, basic accounting work is weak and other issues, in view of the above problems, deputy director Li and put forward rectification opinions:

1, the establishment of scientific and rational, open and transparent project selection, reporting mechanism. 2, actively cooperate with the project funding and project implementation. 3, timely disbursement of funds to accelerate the progress of funding for agriculture. 4, standardize the use of funds to strengthen the financial support for agriculture fine management. 5, the establishment of project team system, 6, pay attention to agriculture project performance evaluation. 7, improve the comprehensive quality of financial personnel.

Finally, the mayor of the city of Fan Guoqing, vice mayor of made an important speech on the city to further improve the agricultural benefits of agricultural funds and the rectification of the rectification suggestions and recommendations. First, attach great importance to strengthen leadership. Rectification work must be carried out, and resolutely put an end to the form, the phenomenon of going through the motions. When the state inspection team to inspect, once found problems, must be investigated in accordance with the relevant regional, departmental leadership and responsibility of the responsible person. Second, seize the time, serious rectification. The rectification work is a remedy for failure of the previous stage work, careless, rectification work must be completed before the end of September. Third, a comprehensive inventory, put an end to dead. All units and departments as soon as possible from business backbone inspection group, a comprehensive inventory of 2007 – 2009 Jiangnong benefit the use of funds, do not let any one project, do not leak any account, identify problems and timely rectification. Inventory and rectification work must be completed before mid October. Fourth, strengthen training, improve the quality of financial personnel.


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