Wang Guosheng in the provincial development and Reform Commission stressed that research to expand e

12 6, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to the provincial development and Reform Commission on the development of the reform of system of our province to carry out the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee survey, stressed, should conscientiously sum up the achievements made in economic and social development this year, to ensure the successful ending; to actively plan for economic and social development next year a new point of growth, to a good start.

wangguosheng entered the provincial development and Reform Commission of ecological civilization construction, fixed assets investment, the economy in rural areas at the information center, and talk to the cadres and workers to shake hands, a detailed understanding of the division of functions, to carry out the work, team building etc.. After listening to the provincial development and Reform Commission responsible comrades on the work and economic operation of the province’s preliminary arrangements for next year’s report, wangguosheng Qinghai overall situation in the country the position in regional development, and the comparative advantage of the province’s industrial structure, investment structure and employment structure, the green counterpart aid work and other issues, in-depth exchanges with you.

affirmed the achievements of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial development and reform of cadres and workers to express cordial greetings. He pointed out that the development and reform of the system in the province’s overall responsibility for the development and reform of the overall situation. To thoroughly implement the spirit of the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit and general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai during an important speech, the Central Committee of the party to solidly implement the decisions and arrangements to ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks of this year. To clear the scientific development ideas, fully understand the strategic position in the overall development of the country in Qinghai and the major responsibility of scientific understanding of Qinghai ecological status, characteristic resources, Tibetan policy advantage, clear planning, solid progress. To actively docking national development strategy, to seek truth from facts, be enthusiastic and press on mental state, scientific development objectives and tasks for next year. To guide the broad masses of cadres on the market University, green university, people’s University, Open University, and effectively improve the ability to adapt to the new normal, the implementation of new ideas, the ability to win new development and level. To persist in reform and innovation, actively adapt to the new situation and new tasks, and implement the supply side structural reform unswervingly five tasks, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of new industries, cultivate new economic growth point, and continuously improve the quality of economic development. To do a good job helping counterparts, improve the mechanism of helping, and constantly consolidate and expand the results of the work. We must adhere to the expansion of effective investment, give full play to the role of fiscal funds to lead the move, and actively seek national support, expanding the scale of investment, continue to optimize the investment structure, improve investment efficiency. Have a strong learning model, pursuing super consciousness, grasp the major project and platform construction, carry forward the "artisan spirit", strengthen the planning and docking, strengthen management, to the project as a carrier, to promote the development of new breakthroughs in economic society.

Zhang Guangrong, Wang Yubo.


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