Xining public security organs three engineering and standardization construction will be held to pro

June 25th, Xining city public security organs "engineering and standardization construction will be held in Xining.

conference invited the Xining Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal political and Law Commission, as well as the leadership of the special supervisors attended the meeting.

participants have to Xining city vehicle administration, halal, West Lane Police Station Traffic Police Brigade North, Interpol brigade and other units of the investigation on the construction of the "Three Basics" and standardization construction. North of the City Public Security Bureau, Victory Road police station, West Traffic Police Brigade, Datong County Public Security Bureau police brigade at the meeting to do the experience.

at present, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau "construction has entered a crucial stage, meeting the requirements of public security authorities and the police to enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility. Through unremitting efforts, to achieve the basic level of infrastructure to promote the overall improvement of the objectives of the struggle.


conference also announced the Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee of the "6.16 hostage-taking arson case, Huo Qiliang Xiao Bing, hero of Liu Jianzhang, Luo Yutang, Tian in 5 comrades remember three, the Li Ming 4 comrades remember awarded once, and the West Branch, special police detachment, fire brigade the informed decision. (author: Li Jing)


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