Ween Plays Career-Spanning Performance For First NYC Show In Five Years

first_imgOne of the major music headline themes of 2016 has been reunions. Between Guns N’ Roses, The Flecktones and more, fans have been blessed with an opportunity to see these once-dominant acts light up a stage again. Of course, few have been as exciting as the great Ween, who returned to form just two months ago after not performing for several years.From December 31st, 2011 through February 12th, 2016, fans were praying for the reunion of Dean and Gene Ween. When it finally happened, it was all the more glorious. With five shows now under their belts after last night, it’s safe to say that the band is back. The group opened up a three-night stand at New York’s Terminal 5 yesterday, hitting NYC for the first performance since Halloween of 2011.The anticipation was certainly electric, and the group delivered one of their finest outings yet. Complete with fan-favorites like “Roses Are Free,” “Chocolate Town,” “You Fucked Up” and more, as well as big time free-form segments coming in tracks like “Pandy Fackler,” this was an unforgettable and reaffirming night of music. Through a total of 29 songs, Ween brought fans back through their extensive catalog and into the cosmos.Watch a couple of videos from the show below, courtesy of LazyLightning55a: Check out some snapshots from the show as well, courtesy of photographer Chad Anderson: The full setlist can be seen below:Setlist: Ween at Terminal 5, New York, NY – 4/14/16Set: The Stallion pt 1, Roses Are Free, Happy Colored Marbles, The Stallion pt 3, Bananas And Blow, Your Party, Japanese Cowboy, Beacon Light, Even If You Don’t, Freedom of ’76, The Grobe, Captain Fantasy, Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Touch My Tooter, Mononucleosis, Boy’s Club, Pandy Fackler, Chocolate Town*, Little Birdy*, Get A Little Taste of You*, The HIV Song*, Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain*, Kim Smoltz*, Pumpin’ 4 The Man, The Golden Eel, Baby Bitch, Frank, You Fucked UpEncore: Licking The Palm For Guava > Mushroom Festival In Hell, Someday* – acousticPhotos by Chad Anderson, full gallery below:center_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Radiohead Clears Out Website, Social Media Accounts Ahead Of New Album

first_imgThe new Radiohead album could drop at any moment, as the band seems to be gearing up for the major announcement. Just one day after mailing cryptic “Burn The Witch” leaflets to fans throughout the UK, they’ve taken things to the next level by clearing out their website, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts. According to one Redditor, the website literally faded away, dropping in opacity every 10 minutes until it completely vanished. Between the hours of roughly 11-1 PM, fans would have seen the website perpetually dim.Now, even the HTML code of the website is gone, leaving it totally blank. You can see it here, though fair warning, it’s just a blank page.The social media accounts are mirroring this trend as well; the band has deleted all posts on Facebook and Twitter. With blank spaces and leaflets, it’s unclear what this band is up to, but it’s certainly something.last_img read more

Watch Warren Haynes Play A Solo Set Outside Of A Netherlands Record Store

first_imgOn Sunday afternoon, Warren Haynes treated a small crowd of fans to a short solo set outside of PopEye Records in Hengelo, Netherlands. The outdoor performance came ahead of Gov’t Mule‘s show at Hengelo’s Metropool theatre later that evening. The guitarist treated those in attendance to a set of fan favorites, including “Spots Of Time” (off Mule’s 2015 release Ashes & Dust), “Endless Parade” (from 2006’s High & Mighty), and Haynes’ classic tune “Soulshine,” written for the Allman Brothers Band‘s ’94 LP Where It All Begins.You can watch the video of the set, courtesy of YouTube user Lamahs 19:Gov’t Mule will continue their European tour with a performance at Cleon, France’s La Traverse this evening. [Via JamBase]last_img read more

How The Polish Ambassador Plans On Making A Difference At Purple Hatters Ball

first_imgHaving surrendered his Suwannee virginity in a blazing afternoon session at Hulaween 2015, The Polish Ambassador‘s brief touchdown on the land gave him a glimpse of the magic that has earned the Suwannee such a stellar legend. Taking the proverbial bull by the horns, on June 16th The Polish Ambassador will be facilitating the first-ever Action Day to take place on the hallowed grounds of Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, to kick off the righteous rage of Purple Hatter’s Ball 2016. The jumpsuited one is also bringing his evolving, global-infused dance music to the fest’s fertile soil and familial soul, for a Friday night headline slot.The arrival of TPA to PHB is reason enough to sound the epic alarm, ringing it loud and proud direct from Live Oak. ActionDays.us, the new non-profit organization spearheaded by the President of Jumpsuit Records, is producing this day of community impact with a multi-tiered plan of permaculture action. Fueled by his dynamic new album release Dreaming of an Old Tomorrow, The Polish Ambassador is coming to Purple Hatter’s Ball to do good things, and inspire us to get our hands in the soil and our heads in the clouds, and do the same. Go ahead and tell a friend. People will get dirty. They can stick their hands in the soil by helping the restoration and preparation of garden areas.The mission here is to plant a food forest at the music park, to nourish the land and feed people for generations down the line. Another Action Day project that’s pertinent to the myriad of festivals that call SOSMP home is an effort to build multi-purpose waste management stations, a practice geared toward reducing the amount of waste, energy, and resources consumed by inefficient and antiquated waste services. A third arm is soil education; learning to test the qualities of the dirt, what’s in it and why is it good for you! Those interested can find out about mycoremediation (mushrooms) that cleanse the soil, and more on the role that dirt plays in permaculture, and how plants, animals, and people interact in the natural ecosystem.After a couple of years immersing himself in permaculture principles and progressive ways of living sustainably, in 2014 The Polish Ambassador posed a series of questions to the festival community at large:“Can impact and celebration coexist in the same environment? Can community work parties and projects culminate in ecstatic dance party celebrations? Can we remember that festival culture all began with harvests where people busted their ass for a week(s), all of it culminating in a community celebration known as a festival?”The result was something potent and powerful: in October 2014, The Polish Ambassador went on tour with Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif, as well as a team of permaculture educators and community organizers to bring “Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour” to several major cities across the United States. In collaboration with Permaculture Action Network, thirty-three Action Days took place in thirty-three cities, across twenty states, over six weeks. Fans from the Polish Ambassador shows visited the farm/eco-village/food forest/urban gardens, and got involved with a variety of permaculture efforts. Through a focus on community organizing and earth based practices, the tour educated and empowered people with the tools needed to help bring about a regenerative way of living.“Through bridging live music with earth-based practices and collective action, we will bring a new sense of awareness, community, and personal potential to each audience member who attends, offering a way to make an impact towards positive change where they live while having fun. This is the next step of many more in making our cities greener, healthier, and happier places to live through the action of community.” – David Sugalski, also known as The Polish AmbassadorDue to common interests, and the fact that we live in the same Northern California town, over the past few months I have had the opportunity to connect with Sugalski; relative to ActionDays.us, as well as various Jumpsuit Records music projects and collaborations. One night at a local elixir bar, over tea, smart drinks and the “Sirens of Soul,” we shared a conversation about the Spirit of Suwannee. I inquired what he knew about Purple Hatters Ball. He replied that while on his radar, he was mostly unfamiliar with the festival.I took a moment to explain just what this gathering is about: Purple Hatters Ball being a uniquely special event commemorating the life and spirit of the dearly departed Rachel Morningstar Hoffman. I delved into the basics regarding the harrowing circumstances surrounding her tragic death. But instead of recounting the horrors, I found myself focusing on positivity: how she was the original “Purple Hatter,” a proud and perky young woman with diverse and progressive tastes- in music and ideas, with a penchant for partying with purpose. Sugalski listened intently as I spoke a bit about the nature of the gathering, its pace, pulse, and perpetual peace. Planting the seed for what many of us had dreamt, a Purple Hat Polish session and permaculture day on the Suwannee River banks, I repeated the refrain: “If You Build It, They Will Come.”For a couple of years now, many longtime Purple Hatters and those among the Suwannee family diaspora, went to bed quietly hoping that we could collectively manifest this match made in jumpsuit heaven. Thanks to Suglaski’s vision, and the tireless, focused efforts of festival producer Paul Levine, ActionDays.us coordinator Danielle Gennety, Suwannee Green Team leader Lindsay Bradley-Brown, and Jill TrAshley; as well as community matriarch Mama Margie Weiss (Hoffman’s mother), our once lucid dream is now a regenerative reality.How One Mother Turned Tragedy Into Triumph: The Rachel Morningstar Hoffman StoryThis year, PHB is being held on a new weekend for the first time, and denizens will be able to arrive Thursday morning for the all-day Purple Hatters Action Day engagement, before the traditional Thursday night pre-party kicks off the music festival proper. Everyone is encouraged to come be a part of in a revolutionary event in SOSMP history, and hopefully, the first of many of its kind. More information about Thursday’s events can be found here. You can sign up for Action Day here.Get ready to get dirty in the garden, and then even dirtier on the dancefloor. We’ll meet you on the banks of the Suwannee River!The daily schedules for Purple Hatter’s Ball are currently available here. Closing out each night on the Amphitheatre Stage will be headlining sets fromPapadosio on Friday, The Polish Ambassador followed by The Floozies on Saturday, and Melvin Seals and JGB on Sunday. Each night will bring a spectacular close to a fun-filled day of music, yoga, arts, and community. Don’t miss out! Tickets available here.last_img read more

Theo Katzman Releases Second Single From Upcoming Solo Album [Listen]

first_imgIf you’ve heard the name Theo Katzman recently, you probably know him as the singing drummer and guitarist in the funk band Vulfpeck. But with his upcoming 2017 release, Heartbreak Hits, now officially set to release on January 6, Katzman will return to his roots as a rock and roll inspired singer/songwriter with a ten-track collection of musings on loss and letdown.“Heartbreak Hits is basically a concept album about heartbreak,” Theo told us in an interview last month. “It was my first time really feeling that in my life, and it was these multiple things. There was the heartbreak of the relationship, but there was also losing my dad, and my dreams of being this particular success of a writer-producer guy, and all these circumstances, so I really feel like I got somewhere with the record. I don’t want that to sound like a sob story, but who knows? Maybe it will, but the point is, I did have a bunch of personal struggle that went into these songs. I also kind of found a way to make them fun. I can’t totally explain it. There’s some stuff on it that is the deepest I’ve ever gotten towards expressing some of my dark feelings, and then there’s also some stuff where I’m just straight up laughing at some of my dark feelings, and there’s some stuff where I’m being really sarcastic about them. There’s some stuff where I’m totally serious and sincere, and I just feel really loving about it. It’s pretty manic in a great way, I think, and it’s all rock & roll to me.”Today, he releases the album’s second official studio recording called “My Heart Is Dead,” following last month’s “Hard Work.” Listen to the new track below:“I’m excited for people to hear it,” Theo explains. “It’s a combination of real life meets songwriting, which is to say it’s not like it’s an auto-biographical record. It’s more like my experience channeled into song craft, where I thought… “What could that be? It’s a murder mystery. Oh! There we go!” Then I wrote that. That’s one of the songs on the record, “My Heart is Dead.” I think it’s rad, it’s rock, it’s just like, “ahhhhhh!!”, in a cool way. But it’s also fun and creative!” Read the full interview here.In the words of producer Tyler Duncan, “it’s somehow a living dichotomy of tragic/comedic, serious/satirical, over-the-top/subtle, healing/hurting, and I love it.” Heartbreak Hits is currently available for pre-order on Theo Katzman’s Kickstarter. The album includes fellow Vulfpeck members Joe Dart and Woody Goss, among other incredible musicians. From what we’ve heard so far, this is a side of Theo that we look forward to learning more about.last_img read more

Run the Jewels Surprise Fans By Releasing New “RTJ3” Album Ahead Of Schedule

first_imgA merry Christmas from Run the Jewels indeed! The hip hop duo of El-P and Killer Mike were planning to release a new album in early 2017, but instead surprised fans by dropping it a few weeks early. Dubbed RTJ3, the new release has only furthered the band’s exciting legacy, with witty verses and killer beats.The new album also features a number of special guests, as Kamasi Washington, Joi, Danny Brown, TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, BOOTS, and Trina all appear on the new release. There’s also an uncredited appearance by Rage Against The Machine’s Zack de la Rocha on the album’s final track as well.RTJ3 marks the third album from the exciting duo, who were also recently announced as headliners for Summer Camp Music Festival last week. Listen to it below and enjoy!last_img read more

Dominican Holidaze Shares Pro-Shot Video From STS9’s Day Three Performance In 2016 [Watch]

first_imgAt December’s Dominican Holidaze, fans who made the trip to Punta Cana were treated to an incredible run of interlocking performances by the likes of Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Lotus, Lettuce, and many more.Along with all the acts mentioned above, jamtronica favorites STS9 performed two full, two-set shows as well as a special sunset show at the destination event. Today, Dominican Holidaze released pro-shot footage of STS9’s “Kamuy” > “Potamus” > Kamuy” segment from their day three performance. Thanks to TourGigs, you can watch the beautiful footage below:Setlist: STS9 | Dominican Holidaze | Punta Cana, DR | 12/3/16Set 1: Forest Hu >> Rilly Wut, Kamuy >> Potamus >> Kamuy, Arigato, Move My Peeps >> Monkey Music, Oil & Water, Sun, Moon & StarsSet 2: When the Dust Settles, Poseidon >> Ramone & Emiglio, Worry No More >> Blu Mood, Totem, Rabble, Get LoudSTS9 continues their current tour this coming weekend with two shows at ACL Live at The Moody Theater in Austin, TX. For tickets and a full list of upcoming shows, visit the band’s website.last_img read more

Railroad Earth’s Hangtown Music Festival Announces Initial Lineup

first_imgHangtown Music Festival in Placerville, California, will return this year for its seventh year. The late-season festival will fall from October 26th through 29th as a lead-up to Halloween. Today, the 7th Annual Hangtown Music Festival released its initial lineup for this year, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best yet. Host band Railroad Earth will perform for three nights during the four-night event. This year’s Hangtown Music Festival will also see two-set performances from Greensky Bluegrass and Dark Star Orchestra in addition to sets from Leftover Salmon, Turkuaz, Todd Snider, The Dustbowl Revival, Marchfourth, Shook Twins, and Monophonics. More acts will be announced in future months for this California festival. You can purchase tickets for Hangtown here, and you can check out Hangtown’s website here for more information about the event.last_img read more

Bob Weir Plays Surprise Mini-Set At Mill Valley Community Block Party [Full Video]

first_imgNext on the schedule for Bob Weir is Terrapin Crossroads‘ Shelter From the Storm Hurricane Relief Benefit, which will also feature Phil Lesh and Midnight North this Friday, October 6th. For tickets to the event, which will benefit victims of the recent hurricanes to hit the Texas, the Southeast U.S. and its surrounding islands, head here.For more information on Bob Weir’s upcoming projects, head to his website.Bob Weir will hit the road with Dead & Company for a Fall Tour beginning on November 12th at Madison Square Garden. For a full list of dates on Dead & Company’s upcoming Fall Tour, or to purchase tickets, head to the band’s website.[h/t – Jambands.com] On Sunday, October 1st, at a local event in Marin County, CA, the area’s favorite son Bob Weir, made a surprise appearance to perform a handful of songs to a relatively small yet grateful crowd.The event, the 20th edition of their annual Mill Valley Community Block Party, was presented by Famous4 and featured a fashion show, beer garden, vendors, kids’ activities and, as is tradition, live musical performances. This year, the festivities were slated to be headlined by Jason Crosby and a talented cast of “Friends” including Jackie Greene, Tim Bluhm, Greg Loiacono, and John Hofer. The event benefitted non-profit organization Kiddo!, Music, Art and After School Programs, which provides after school activities and programs for area youths.While the billed entertainment was Jason Crosby & Friends, the community event’s surprise appearance from local Marin County hero Bob Weir undoubtedly stole the show. For his brief surprise solo set, the Dead guitarist played four familiar tunes including “Walkin’ Blues,” “Lay My Lily Down,” “West LA Fadeaway,” and “The Other One.”You can watch full video (in 3 parts) of Bob Weir’s performance at the Mill Valley Block Party below via YouTube user Ronnie’s Awesome List:last_img read more