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first_imgHowabout Hotel Esja in Reykjavik for a different take on the department’s strategyday this year? Or maybe Agia Napa for the sales conference instead ofBournemouth – again. The average HR manager has better things to do than spendhours looking for new venues for company events, however, which is why mostwill be grateful for The site has a huge database of venuesfrom hotels and management centres to museums and zoos, which can be quicklysearched via broad or precise requirements, such as number of delegates, shapeof room and presentation aids. And if you really want to get a feel for whereyou’re going, there are even virtual reality tours of some UK venues, althoughaccessing these may be a slow, jumpy process on lower-powered systems. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Website of the week: www.venuefinder.comOn 3 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

The Agenda Of The City Council Meeting, at 5:30 Civic Center

first_imgR-2019-05 Attachment: B.ORDINANCE R-2019-05 An Ordinance to Rezone Certain Real Estate in the City of Evansville, State of Indiana, More Commonly Known as 316 N Tekoppel Avenue Petitioner: Debra Highman Owner: Debra Highman Requested Change: C1 to R1 Ward: 6 Brinkmeyer Representative: Debra Highman C.ADDITIONAL MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS A.ORDINANCE F-2019-06 An Ordinance of the Common Council of the City of Evansville Authorizing Additional Appropriations within the Department of Metropolitan Development Sponsor(s): Weaver Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver Discussion Date: 4/8/2019 A.ORDINANCE G-2019-03 Amended An Ordinance Repealing Chapter 15.16 (Registration of Rental Dwellings) and Amending Chapter 8.40 (Registration of Residential Rental Business) of the Evansville Municipal Code Sponsor(s): McGinn Discussion Led By: ASD Chair Mosby Discussion Date:  3/18/2019 Notify: Marco DeLucio, ZSWS III.REPORTS AND COMMUNICATIONS F-2019-04 Amended Attachment: Agenda Attachment: II.APPROVAL OF MEETING MEMORANDUM A.YOUTH GRANT Subcommittee meetings have been scheduled for the following dates: B.EVANSVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT 2019 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Chief Connelly C-2019-04 Attachment: G-2019-03 Amended Attachment: I.INTRODUCTION F-2019-05 Attachment: Memo Attachment: center_img B.ORDINANCE F-2019-04 Amended An Ordinance of the Common Council of the City of Evansville Authorizing Transfers of Appropriations, Additional Appropriations and Repeal and Re-Appropriation of Funds for Various City Funds Sponsor(s): Weaver Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver Discussion Date: 3/18/2019 VII.REGULAR AGENDA:  SECOND READING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS F-2019-06 Attachment: X.COMMITTEE REPORTS V.CONSENT AGENDA:  FIRST READING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS A.RESOLUTION C-2019-04 A Resolution Acknowledging Contributions to the Commission on Homelessness Sponsor(s): Weaver, Adams, Mosby, Robinson Discussion Led By: President Brinkmeyer Discussion Date: 3/18/2019 IV.SPECIAL ORDERS OF THE DAY IX.MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS City Council Meeting on March 18, 2019, at 5:30 Civic Center AGENDA A.THE NEXT MEETING of the Common Council will be Monday, April 8, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare VIII.RESOLUTION DOCKET C.ORDINANCE F-2019-05 A Special Ordinance Authorizing the City of Evansville to Issue up to $25,000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of its City of Evansville, Indiana Multifamily Tax-Exempt Mortgage-Backed Bonds (M-TEMS) Series 2019 (FN) (the “Bonds”) in One or More Series and Approving and Authorizing Other Actions in Respect Thereto Sponsor(s): Weaver Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver Discussion Date: 3/18/2019 VI.COMMITTEE REPORTSlast_img read more

Logansport man gets wallet back after crews wade through trash

first_img (95.3 MNC) A Logansport man whose cash-filled wallet was accidentally thrown out got it back last week after a crew waded through tons of trash to recover it.Robert Nolte said his wallet ended up in the trash Thursday when he asked a friend to throw out a pair of green camouflage pants that were covered in white paint. After the trash was taken away, Nolte realized his wallet was missing and that it was still inside his camo pants.Nolte then called city code enforcement officer Johnny Quinones and explained the situation.Initially, Quinones told him there would be “no way to find it.” However, Quinones still worked with a crew to find the pants after discovering which driver collected Nolte’s trash. They made their way through 9 tons of garbage dumped onto a concrete slab, looking for the pants.They eventually found the pants at the bottom of the trash pile, with the wallet still in one of its pockets.Nolte attempted to give Quinones a $100 bill for finding the wallet. However, Quinones refused to accept it, instead saying “God will do me better down the road.” Logansport man gets wallet back after crews wade through trash IndianaLocalNews Twitter Twitter By Network Indiana – December 9, 2020 0 368 Pinterest Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp WhatsApp Google+ Google+ Facebook Previous articleSurvey: Favorite Christmas treats in each stateNext articleSB Cubs invited to play 2021 as the High Single-A Cubs affiliate Network Indianalast_img read more

Cotton Irrigation App

first_img“Early testing showed that this new app outperformed most other irrigation scheduling tools,” Vellidis said. “It was tested in many fields during 2013 and it tested well under a variety of conditions.”The cotton app is one of four apps developed by a team of UGA and University of Florida researchers. UF researchers have also released apps for citrus, strawberry and urban lawn irrigation. The cotton app is different from the other three in that it relies on measured precipitation and irrigation. The app is programmed to use data from UGA’s Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network (GAEMN) and the Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) to assess weather conditions that factor into irrigation needs. So, currently, it obviously works best in Georgia and Florida, Vellidis said.Growers register a field on which they want to use the app by using their smartphone’s built-in GPS. The app then automatically locates the closest weather station. The new UGA app also notifies farmers when to take action so they do not have to check the app every day. In its first year, the app can now be used with center pivot irrigation systems. Later, the app will be updated to allow users to select between center pivots and drip systems. A new smartphone app developed by University of Georgia and University of Florida researchers will help cotton farmers in their states save one of nature’s most precious resources — water. George Vellidis, a scientist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and an expert in precision agriculture and water resources management, developed the app to help cotton growers irrigate their crops based on local conditions.The app, which was released on April 16, is free and can be downloaded at “It’s best to begin using the app after the cotton has been planted. The app keeps a balance of how much water is in the soil by estimating how much water the crop uses daily and by adding rain and irrigation to that balance,” he said.The app doesn’t tell farmers how much water to apply. It only recommends when the grower should irrigate. Cotton farmers use the most water when their crop is flowering and when the bolls are filling. For more information on the apps or to download them for free, see the website The website also includes app tutorials.last_img read more

Tax Refund

first_imgTaxes — just the word brings a little shudder to most of us, including me. Whether gathering the appropriate documents or actually filing by April 18, we’ve all heard that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Yikes!Most of us seem to dread tax time, but we’re also hoping to make the most of our tax refunds. It’s almost like a bonus when you get back something unexpected. The question at tax time is always, “Did I do enough to ensure I get something back or at least to ensure I don’t owe an arm and a leg?”According to the latest IRS data, nearly eight out of every 10 Americans will receive a tax refund. If you get a return, be sure to use your return wisely so that your money continues to work for you. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension experts suggest using these smart strategies to help you maximize your refund.Use your tax return to catch up on bills. If you have outstanding bills or bills past due that are accruing interest and late fees, put your return toward these first.Assess your overall debt and credit situation. Who are your creditors? If you have multiple accounts to choose from, begin paying the one with the highest interest rate to save the most money in the end.Maybe you are OK from a debt or credit standpoint, but your rainy day savings is not where you would like it to be. You can use your refund to create or increase your emergency savings. When the tire goes flat, the car battery needs replacing or the washing machine breaks, money in an emergency account will let you pay for these expenses without adding to your debt load.  Invest in your retirement. I cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring your golden years are great years. Opening an individual retirement account (IRA) or making extra contributions to an existing retirement fund is an excellent use of tax returns.Invest in your home. Tax returns can be used as a down payment for a potential home or to pay an extra mortgage payment for your current home. Making an extra mortgage payment or two per year on the principal provides huge savings on interest and decreases the principal amount of your loan.It’s also a great time for home improvements or, as I like to call it, tackling the “honey-do list.” For example, adding a new roof, an energy-efficient window or door, hot water heater or even a new room are all considered improvements, as is landscaping. All of them add to the overall value of your home.Don’t forget to share. Donate a portion of your tax refund to the charitable organization of your choice. You’ll improve the lives of others, and your charitable gift may reduce next year’s tax burden.Finally, splurge a little to reward yourself. If you’re like me, rewarding yourself is no problem. After completing a major task or achieving a goal — making your return work for you in this instance — make a pleasure purchase, like a new television, a family vacation or a new spring dress.last_img read more

Weekly unemployment claims in Vermont decrease after spike

first_imgThere were 1,427 new regular benefit claims for Unemployment Insurance in Vermont last week, as claims subsided somewhat after a spike over the holidays. New claims decreased 638 from the week before and are 87 below last year’s total.Altogether 10,597 new and continuing claims were filed, an increase of 731 from a week ago but 3,473 fewer than a year ago. The Department also processed 1,563 First Tier claims for benefits under Emergency Unemployment Compensation, 2008 (EUC08), 7 more than a week ago. In addition, there were 647 Second Tier claims for benefits processed under the EUC08 program, which is 13 more than the week before. The Unemployment Weekly Report can be found at: is external). Previously released Unemployment Weekly Reports and other UI reports can be found at: is external)  Vermont’s unemployment rate fell three-tenths to 5.3 percent in November. See story HERE. Change to         November 2011 from    Vermont Labor Force StatisticsSeasonally Adjusted Total Labor Force363,200362,800360,8004002,400  Employment344,100342,400339,8001,7004,300  Unemployment19,10020,30021,000-1,200-1,900  Rate5.3%5.6%5.8%-0.3-0.5 November  2011 October  2011 November  2010 October  2011 November  2010 last_img read more

Rabid Coyote Attacks Car in NC

first_imgA North Carolina father was returning home with his daughters on Saturday night when they came face-to-snout with a possibly rabid coyote, which charged at their car.John Schroter, who owns a post-production company, had his 18-year-old daughter Hannah capture on camera their chilling encounter with the deranged animal outside their home near Huntsville and later shared the footage on his Facebook page.The resulting 59-second video showing the sickly-looking coyote snarling at the family’s car and attacking the bumper has been viewed more than 35,000 times as of Tuesday morning. last_img read more

Top 10 marketing & tech trends that tickled our fancy in 2014! (part one)

first_imgOver the next two weeks, RewardStream will be bringing you our definitive list of the most interesting marketing and technology trends in 2014.Unfortunately, we couldn’t think of anything witty or seasonal to title the series so we present you with:The Top 10 Marketing & Tech Trends That Tickled Our Fancy In 2014!We are going to start our series by taking a look at some of the visual marketing trends we saw in 2014. Visual marketing boomed in 2014 which is not surprising as humans are visual creatures that respond well to visual stimuli especially now that so many of us are time-poor but overloaded with content in the digital age.10. The Growth of InfographicsThe use of infographics in marketing grew by 51% in 2014. That’s huge! The doubling up is not really surprising considering that infographics are powerful marketing tools that tap into two things our brains really like: something which is visually pleasing and easy to comprehend.A highly effective infographic will allow a marketer to tell a story without burdening the mind and eye with detail. Instead, lots of information can be conveyed in a more casual style. The trick to creating a great infographic is to use a minimalistic color scheme; subtle fonts and typography and limited but simplistic imagery. If you need an example you can check out RewardStream’s recent referral marketing infographic here. continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Snap misses user growth estimates, shares fall

first_imgRevenue from ad sales jumped about 17 percent to US$454.2 million during the quarter, above estimates of $440.8 million.Snap’s revenue gains set the bar for Twitter, which reports earnings on Thursday, and Facebook’s results next week, said Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at research firm eMarketer.Average revenue per user was $1.91, barely changed from the year-ago quarter. Outside North America and Europe, that measure dropped 25 percent to 89 cents as coronavirus-related factors inflicted more harm, Snap said.Snap’s net loss widened to about $326 million, or 23 cents per share, from $255.2 million, or 19 cents per share, a year earlier.Chief Financial Officer Derek Andersen said third-quarter revenue growth was 32 percent through July 19.But since the pandemic could weaken the economy further, Snap’s internal model is based on revenue growth of 20 percent for the third quarter, Andersen said.Topics : Snap has focused on helping advertisers increase sales directly from its ads, which boosted revenue growth even as many brands have been cutting marketing budgets due to the pandemic.Snap has positioned itself as a safe ad platform focused on friendly interactions, as more than 1,000 companies have paused ads on larger rival Facebook Inc due to concerns about hate speech.“The growing focus on brand safety and privacy across the entire industry places us in a unique position of strength as we have invested in these areas from the beginning of our business,” Snap Chief Executive Evan Spiegel said during an earnings call with analysts.Snap forecast 242 million to 244 million daily active users in the current quarter, below analysts’ target of 244.82 million according to Refinitiv data. Snap Inc said on Tuesday a bump in user growth at the start of coronavirus-led lockdowns petered out sooner than expected, and it forecast fewer current-quarter users than the Wall Street consensus.Shares of Snap fell 11 percent in after-hours trading before paring losses to around 6 percent.The Snapchat owner said daily active users (DAUs), a widely watched metric by investors and advertisers, rose 17 percent to 238 million in the second quarter ended June 30. Analysts had expected 238.44 million, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.last_img read more

Port of Los Angeles employs zero-emission top handlers

first_img “We are doing everything possible to advance commercially feasible solutions to meet our goal of transitioning all cargo-handling equipment to zero emissions by 2030.”  The two battery-electric top handlers were designed and built in the U.S. by Taylor Machine Works. “We are pleased with performance results that we are receiving from drivers, mechanics and Everport management as the equipment is tested daily in real-world conditions,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka.  The Port of Los Angeles has started using first zero-emissions top handlers in daily operations at the Everport Container Terminal as part of a pre-commercial demonstration project. Also known as top picks, top handlers are off-road vehicles with an overhead boom for loading containers weighing up to 100,000 pounds onto trucks and trains, unloading them, and stacking them on terminals between pickups and deliveries. The top handlers run on a one-megawatt battery designed to operate for up to 18 hours between charges. Each top handler has a data logger for tracking hours of operation, charging frequency, energy usage and other performance indicators. Additionally, drivers and mechanics are providing input on the maneuverability, noise level and safety of the equipment. The battery-electric top handlers are a key component of the Port’s $7.7 million Everport Advanced Cargo-Handling Demonstration Project. The California Energy Commission (CEC) is supporting the large-scale zero-emissions technology project with a $4.5 million sustainability grant. The Everport demonstration is one of 16 projects in which the port takes part to test near-zero emissions and zero-emissions engines, emissions control technology, and alternative fueling and charging stations. In addition to the battery-electric top handlers, the projects include testing ultra-low NOx renewable natural gas equipment and fully battery-electric fuel cell heavy-duty trucks; battery-electric forklifts, yard tractors, and rubber-tired gantry cranes; and emissions control equipment on large ships and harbor craft. Eliminating tailpipe emissions from cargo-handling equipment is part of the port’s larger goal of reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) from all port-related sources. Port targets call for reducing GHGs 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.last_img read more